Women's Linen Pants
Women's Linen Pants

Women's Linen Pants

Pants for Women - Made in Italy by 100% Capri: Signature 100% Capri linen is nature on your skin: breathable, light, hypoallergenic & naturally sustainable.

Pants for Women - Made in Italy by 100% Capri:

Signature 100% Capri linen is nature on your skin: breathable, light, hypoallergenic & naturally sustainable.

Women's 100% linen Capri pants are the result of a production process that, starting from stylistic design, pays special attention to both fabric selection and the details that define each model, making it unique. The skill and care of 100% Capri's fine tailoring are evident in the expertly crafted cuts, the use of mother-of-pearl buttons, and the design of iconic pockets that further enhance the pants. There are models that, depending on their fit (the collection of women's linen pants offers a wide range, from slim-fit options like the Pantalone Martin in lino to soft and comfortable ones like the Pantalone Kimono, or based on their texture (consider the Mara Linen Pants in exquisite pinstriped linen or the Pantalone New Capri that defy occasion conventions), dictate a specific style.

The silhouette of the various models is achieved through carefully crafted seams that enhance the female form and curves, especially in short-legged models like the Amy Linen Shorts or the soft Brio Shorts.

An incredibly extensive collection has been created to meet the needs of women who differ and stand out in the beauty of everybody.

Our collections are all crafted from the purest linen sourced from the plantations of Normandy, which is transformed through a low-impact environmental processing method. This is how ecological sensibility blends with the care devoted to creating a fabric that excels in durability and breathability, and which will find its culmination in the models crafted by our Italian tailoring. Tailoring mastery and attention to the female fit (waist, hips, precisely calibrated and decorative seams) are the signature and common thread of this collection of women's linen pants. They will impart an aura of extraordinary elegance to your style, conveying all the benefits of linen to your skin and your overall look.

The variety of pant models offered by 100% Capri allows you to transition seamlessly from informal occasions to more refined ones that demand impeccable elegance.

Short-legged models like the Shorts Zip and Bermuda Cannes, or those with a sporty touch like the Pantalone Miami, can be paired with T-shirts, tops, or shirts, providing comfort and a touch of elegance during leisure moments.

The color palette of 100% Capri ranges from subtle shades carefully chosen to enhance the extraordinary quality of linen and facilitate easy coordination for a complete outfit: white, pink, dark gray, light gray, blue, jeans, and denim. Consequently, you will have no difficulty in matching accessories, footwear, belts, and scarves.

The linen fabric that constitutes all the extraordinary collections of 100% Capri requires a few but essential attentions to ensure its natural beauty remains unaltered over time or even improves.

It's important to wash linen trousers in water at 30°C, preferably hand washed, but also in a washing machine as long as it has a delicate fabric setting: at low temperatures and without spinning. In both cases, it's crucial not to use aggressive detergents that could damage the texture. Subsequently, laying out the linen trousers precisely and tautly in open air, without direct exposure to sunlight, will ensure a natural and gradual drying process.

Regarding ironing, if the trousers are slightly damp, it will be much easier to iron them, and you can use the iron at higher temperatures. On the other hand, if the trousers are already completely dry, it's recommended to use the iron at low or medium temperatures to avoid damaging the fabric. This way, your 100% Capri linen trousers will remain silky and soft to the touch, and their beauty will endure over time.