Blue flax linen flowers moving at the wind.
Sustainability in luxury fashion starts with linen.

Discover how 100% Capri linen is saving the world.

Fashion production impacts the planet.

Top view of linen fields, with blue flax flowers.
Linen is the world's most sustainable fabric.

While the fabrics used in fast fashion production drain our natural resources, linen is a fabric that we call "naturally sustainable"—because it simply is.

Grown with just rainwater alone, linen doesn’t need irrigation. It's naturally biodegradable.

When you wear linen, you're saving water. When you're saving water, you're saving the planet.

Cut water consumption by 93% with 100% Capri.

A naturally sustainable fabric, linen is organic, biodegradable & non-GMO.

Linen is leading the future of ecological fashion.

Man wearing 100% Capri white luxury linen shirt and pants, walking in a flax field, with the blue of the ocean and clouds at the background.
Flax is nature's gift to the world.

Flax is the technology of the future, with a production process that's in synchronicity with the earth. All flax needs to grow is natural rain.

Every year flax saves 850,000 million cubic meters of water. All 100% Capri linen is organic & never genetically modified, like other fabrics.

For your skin & the earth, linen is the sustainable choice.

Saving the world, fashionably.
Young man at the beach, leaning on a rock barefoot, wearing 100% Capri white luxury linen suit.
100% Capri linen is the closest fabric to nature.

Experience nature on your skin with our sustainable linen styles—fashion that's hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable & light.

It's time to dress for a sustainable future.