Women's Linen Knitwear
Women's Linen Knitwear

Women's Linen Knitwear

Knitwear for Women - Made in Italy by 100% Capri: Casual knitwear in 100% pure linen

Knitwear for Women - Made in Italy by 100% Capri:

Casual knitwear in 100% pure linen

The entire collection of women's linen sweaters by 100% Capri pursues a specific goal: to become a second skin for those who wear the exclusive garments that compose it. It is the result of a stylistic elaboration that is based on creating stress-free pieces that, therefore, feature delicate seams designed not to in any way irritate the skin, and cuts intended to enhance the feminine curves.

All the sweaters that make up this collection are made from linen jersey and linen thread, which, thanks to the extraordinary and natural softness of both fabrics, allow for comfortable wear in both short-sleeved models (T-shirt One and T-Shirt Five) and long-sleeved ones (Polo Dubai)

Our sweaters are all made of pure linen from Normandy plantations, which is transformed according to a manufacturing process with a very low environmental impact.

This is how ecological sensitivity blends with meticulous care in creating a fabric that excels in durability and breathability and finds its culmination in the designs created by the 100% Capri atelier. The fine Italian tailoring expresses itself with precision in the creation of shirts that range from casual to formal, preserving your look and physical well-being throughout the usage of naturally breathable fabrics that caress your skin, leaving it fresh.

The variety in the collection of women's linen sweaters offered by 100% Capri allows you to navigate the world of informal occasions without sacrificing discreet elegance. Short-sleeved or sleeveless models, such as the Polo Miami and the Top Sfrangiato - depending on whether they are paired with shorts or long pants - will accompany you with all their comfort during moments of relaxation in which you won't want to forgo the undeniable class of Italian fashion. Special attention is deserved by a must-have in this collection, such as the Cardigan Bordo Inglese, which, in its understated elegance, represents a versatile and functional solution, allowing it to be worn individually or as a jacket over a t-shirt.

100% Capri's shades range from subtle colors carefully chosen to enhance the exceptional quality of linen and allow for easy coordination for a complete outfit: white, pink, denim, and light gray. Consequently, there will be no difficulty in matching accessories: footwear, belts, and scarves.

The linen fabric, which makes up all the extraordinary collections of 100% Capri, requires little but essential attention to ensure that its natural beauty remains unchanged over time or that it can even improve.

As for the linen jersey and linen thread sweaters, it is important to wash them in water at 30°C preferably by hand, but also in the washing machine as long as it includes a wash for delicate fabrics: low temperatures and no spin cycle. In both cases, it is crucial not to use aggressive detergents that could damage the fabric's texture. Afterwards, laying the linen shirts flat and horizontally to dry (as they have a slightly elastic component, they may deform if hung vertically and incorrectly) in an open-air area, without direct exposure to sunlight, will ensure a natural and gradual drying process.

Regarding iron process, since both linen jersey and linen thread are not prone to wrinkling, it is not necessary to use high temperatures or apply excessive pressure while ironing. This way, your 100% Capri linen shirts will remain silky and soft to the touch, and their beauty will endure over time