Women's Linen Jumpsuits
Women's Linen Jumpsuits

Women's Linen Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits for Women - Made in Italy by 100% Capri: 100% pure linen jumpsuits to enhance feminine beauty

Jumpsuits for Women - Made in Italy by 100% Capri:

100% pure linen jumpsuits to enhance feminine beauty

The collection of Women's Linen Jumpsuits pays homage to feminine beauty by enhancing the figure and highlighting its forms. Each proposed model showcases the exceptional tailoring craftsmanship of 100% Capri, effortlessly transitioning between formal and informal occasions.

You can find both the uncompromising elegance of the Tuta Allegra in herringbone linen, which embraces and plays with sensuality, gracefully revealing the female form, and the practical lightness of the  Tuta Zip in linen, designed for a NO STRESS look to enjoy relaxing moments with charm. The women's linen jumpsuits created by 100% Capri pay homage in every way to the female beauty enveloped in the magic of pure linen.

Our jumpsuits are all made from pure linen sourced from Normandy plantations, which undergoes a low-impact environmental processing method. This is how ecological sensitivity combines with the care put into creating a fabric that excels in durability and breathability, finding its culmination in the models crafted by our Italian tailoring. Tailoring mastery and flowing fabric play are the signature and common thread of this linen jumpsuit collection, designed to bestow an aura of extraordinary elegance to your style, transmitting all the benefits of linen to your skin and your appearance.

The variety of models of Women's linen jumpsuits offered by 100% Capri allows you to span from casual occasions to more refined ones that demand impeccable elegance. 

The designs are structured in a way that, thanks to their easy compatibility, can adapt to any occasion. Consider the Tuta June and the Tuta Fiona, for example. Despite being short models that may give a carefree impression, they feature refined stylistic elements and can be paired with both comfortable footwear and hats for casual occasions or with more sophisticated accessories for a formal look or events requiring a specific style image. Meanwhile, the Tuta Roma, already inherently elegant, can naturally be paired with refined jewelry and footwear. The shades in which the women's linen jumpsuits are offered range from subtle colors carefully chosen to enhance the exceptional quality of linen, allowing for easy coordination for a complete outfit: white, dark gray, light gray, pink, blue, denim, and more. Consequently, there will be no difficulty in matching accessories such as footwear, belts, and scarves.

The linen fabric used in all the extraordinary collections of 100% Capri requires few but essential care steps to ensure that its natural beauty remains unchanged over time or even improves. It is important to wash the jumpsuits in water at 30°C, preferably handwash, but also in a washing machine as long as it has a delicate fabric cycle: at low temperatures and without centrifugation. In both cases, it is crucial not to use aggressive detergents that could damage the fabric. Afterwards, hanging the jumpsuits precisely and tautly in open air, without direct exposure to sunlight, will ensure natural and gradual drying.

Regarding ironing, if the jumpsuits are slightly damp, it will be much easier to iron them, and a higher iron temperature can be used. However, if the jumpsuits are already completely dry, it is recommended to use a low to medium iron temperature to avoid damaging the fabric. This way, your 100% Capri women's linen jumpsuits will remain silky and soft to the touch, and their beauty will endure over time.