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The 5 reasons why linen has conquered the fashion and market

18 May 2023
The 5 reasons why linen has conquered the fashion and market

The 5 reasons why linen has conquered the fashion and market

In recent years, linen has become increasingly popular as a fabric for high-fashion garments, favored by various fashion labels that offer a wide range of models. 100% Capri has been a pioneering company in this and more, making linen its only textile choice and showing how it can be used for high-quality garments and exclusive high-fashion models. But what are the reasons that have allowed linen to be increasingly in the spotlight?


Linen is an environmentally friendly choice for fabric production thanks to its ability to require less water and fewer pesticides compared to other textile crops. In addition, linen fiber is biodegradable, so at the end of its useful life, it decomposes naturally without polluting the environment. This makes it a sustainable choice compared to synthetic fabrics or other textile fibers that can take hundreds of years to degrade.

Versatility and style

Linen garments are light, fresh, and breathable, ideal for hot summer days. Linen can also be used to create more elegant clothing, such as dresses and jackets, thanks to its ability to maintain its shape and unique texture. In addition, linen is perfect for creating a wide range of colors, from classic beige to pure white, to vibrant colors like red and denim, making it a versatile choice for any style of clothing.

Resistance and durability

Linen is one of the most durable textile fibers and is known for its durability over time. Linen garments are resistant to wear and maintain their shape even after numerous washes carried out with due care. This means that linen clothing can last a long time, reducing the need to frequently purchase new garments.

Feeling of freshness

Linen garments are known for their feeling of freshness on the skin, perfect for hot summer days. Linen is able to absorb moisture from the skin, keeping it dry and cool. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking comfort and freshness during hot days. 100% Capri has also implemented this linen peculiarity through an aloe treatment: a medicinal plant with infinite beneficial properties for the skin.

High-quality production

100% Capri is an example of how linen can be used to create high-quality and stylish garments. The company produces only garments in pure linen, using the best fabrics and worked through the experience of the best Italian tailoring. The final result consists of exclusive garments that are light, elegant, and sustainable, ideal for summer and any type of formal or informal occasion.

In conclusion, companies like 100% Capri demonstrate how linen can be used to create exclusive and high-quality high-fashion garments, satisfying consumers' demand for sustainable and trendy garments. Thanks to its ability to combine fashion and sustainability, linen represents a winning choice for the future of fashion.

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