Women's Linen Tops
Women's Linen Tops

Women's Linen Tops

Tops for Women - Made in Italy by 100% Capri: Casual and elegant top selection in 100% pure linen

Tops for Women - Made in Italy by 100% Capri:

Casual and elegant top selection in 100% pure linen

The collection of linen tops by 100% Capri fully embraces the concept of versatility that garments like tops naturally possess, able to adapt to any occasion based on their design and the quality of the fabric used. Whether they are designed to provide comfort and practicality in everyday life, such as the Top Portofino and the Top V (both in linen jersey), or whether they are intended to confer sophisticated elegance, like the Top Fiore Grande in herringbone linen, they all embody the philosophy of 100% Capri, which combines the highest quality materials with timeless design, ensuring its customers a versatile and exclusive wardrobe.

Therefore, each individual top that makes up this linen collection contains within it the strength of precious weaves that further enrich impeccable creations like the Top Sarah in pure linen, which, in its essential nude simplicity, celebrates the beauty of women.

The entire linen top collection is the result of the stylistic elaboration of Tony Aiello, who travels and explores the feminine universe, studying every curve and enhancing it.

Our tops are all made from the purest linen sourced from Normandy plantations, which is processed using a very environmentally friendly method. This is how ecological sensitivity merges with the meticulous care in creating a fabric that excels in durability and breathability, and it will find its culmination in the models created by 100% Capri's workshop. Italian fine tailoring is expressed with precision in the creation of tops that range from casual to formal, preserving your look and physical well-being with the use of naturally breathable fabrics that caress your skin, leaving it fresh.

The entire collection of linen tops offered by 100% Capri skillfully navigates the perpetual boundary that separates casual and striking elegance.

Even models of relaxed elegance like the Top St. Barth in linen jersey never lose sight of the company's focus and inspiration.

Minimal design models like the Top Betty in linen offer an infinite multitude of pairing and usage possibilities, even as an under-jacket. At the same time, the Top Nicole (the flagship of 100% Capri's linen top collection) enhances and elegantly contours the bust with grace. Elegant and 'lively,' it's also available in a reversible version that plays with two shades of the same color, further enhancing its versatility.

The nuances of 100% Capri move between subtle color shades designed to enhance the extraordinary quality of linen and allow for easy matching for a complete outfit: white, pink, denim, and light gray.

As a result, there will be no difficulty in matching accessories: footwear, belts, and scarves.

The linen fabric, which makes up all the extraordinary collections of 100% Capri, requires a few but essential attentions to ensure that its natural beauty remains unchanged over time or even improves.

As for both linen jersey and linen tops, it's important that they are washed in water at 30°C, preferably hand wash, but they can also be machine-washed as long as it has a delicate fabric setting: at low temperatures and without spin. In both cases, it's crucial not to use harsh detergents that could damage the fabric's texture. Afterward, drying the linen tops outdoors, without direct exposure to sunlight (for linen jersey tops, it's better to lay them flat horizontally, as they have a slightly elastic component and could deform if hung vertically and incorrectly), will ensure a natural and gradual drying process.

Regarding ironing, since both jersey and linen threads are not prone to wrinkling, it's not necessary to use a high-temperature iron or apply excessive pressure. This way, your 100% Capri linen tops will remain silky and soft to the touch, and their beauty will endure over time.