With its jacket collection, 100% Capri offers a new perspective on linen, breaking free from the notion that it can only be used to create garments aimed at providing freshness.

Surprisingly, it connects linen to the world of outwear. The elegance of linen is harnessed to create pieces that can be worn to complement outfits requiring a certain formality, providing protection from the coolness of late summer and spring.

The skill and care of 100% Capri's fine tailoring are evident in the masterful cuts and the addition of mother-of-pearl buttons that further enhance the creations.

Fabrics that already possess natural excellence, such as herringbone linen, find their realization in jackets like the Giacca St. Tropez or the Giacca Sud Man.

The latter, in its design, creates an exhilarating synergy of fabrics, featuring a front section in linen, while the back and sleeves are in linen jersey, ensuring increased freshness while preserving impeccable elegance.

Our linen jackets collections are all crafted from the purest linen sourced from the plantations of Normandy, which undergoes a low-impact environmental processing method.

This is how ecological sensitivity marries the care lavished in creating a fabric that excels in durability and breathability and will find its pinnacle in the models crafted by our Italian tailoring.

Tailoring mastery and magnificent mother-of-pearl buttons (in various shapes: round, square, hexagonal, etc.) are the signature and common thread of this linen jacket collection, bestowing upon your style an aura of extraordinary elegance, conveying all the benefits of linen to your skin and your look.

The variety within 100% Capri's linen jacket collection allows for a range of styles, spanning from casual occasions to more sophisticated ones that demand impeccable elegance.

Among our offerings, special attention is deserved by our Linen Gilet.

These vests, born from the innovative intuition of designer Tony Aiello, can define a casual look that doesn't compromise on refinement, especially when paired with trousers, shirts, and footwear.

The shades offered by 100% Capri encompass a spectrum of understated colors, carefully chosen to enhance the extraordinary quality of linen and facilitate effortless combinations for a complete outfit: white, dark and light gray, blue, jeans, and denim.

Consequently, there will be no difficulty in coordinating accessories: footwear, belts, and scarves.

The linen fabric that constitutes all the extraordinary collections of 100% Capri requires a few but essential attentions to ensure that its natural beauty remains unchanged over time or even improves.

It is important to wash the garments in water at 30°C, preferably hand washed, but also in a washing machine as long as it includes a delicate fabric cycle: at low temperatures and without spinning.

In both cases, it is crucial not to use aggressive detergents that could damage the fabric.

Subsequently, laying the garments out precisely and tautly in open air, without direct exposure to sunlight, will ensure a natural and gradual drying process.

As for ironing, if linen jackets are slightly damp, they will be much easier to iron, and you can use the iron at higher temperatures.

On the other hand, if they are already completely dry, it is recommended to use the iron at a low or medium temperature to avoid damaging the fabrics.

This is how your 100% Capri linen jackets will remain silky and soft to the touch, and their beauty will endure over time.